Who’s The Genius Behind The Wendy’s Twitter Account?

@Wendys is pretty well known in the Twitter department so... who's behind it all?

Unlike @McDonalds@BurgerKing, or other corporate fast food Twitter accounts, Wendy's is extra special.

She can't help but stick out with her red hair and funny Tweets.

We all know of the Tweet from @carterjwm asking Wendys how many Retweets he'll need for a year of free nuggets, right? Well, the person running the account replied to Carter with 18 Million. You can see the Tweet here:

Since Carter posted his Tweet on April 5th at 10:38 PM, he has managed to get 2,935,363 Retweets & 744,385 Likes (at the time of this post). At this rate, he'll surpass the current Retweet record held by Ellen Degeneres, which you can view here:

She has 3,339,788 million Retweets and 2,329,273 Likes (at the time of this post) and on April 13th, Ellen posted this Tweet:

I came across a Tweet from @seanludwig asking if anyone knew who ran the Wendys Twitter account. You can view the Tweet here:

I had previously remembered that a woman named Jessica Bates ran the account in her spare time, so I replied and was surprised to realize that 7 minutes later, Jessica replied! You can view our conversation below!

There we have it, folks! The person who is behind @Wendys!

Some say the account is run by the talented people @VML, but who really knows. Maybe @mattkecksucks works for VML.