The "Cash Me Ousside" Girl Just Played Us All...

She played us all...

Danielle Bregoli, the "Cash Me Ousside" Girl, pulled a little stunt with the help of her little friends. As most of you may know, she was "hacked". Her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were all taken control of. Many of us thought it was real, and some of us didn't. We have to give her credit though. She and her team made it look pretty legit.

The whole stunt lasted for around 24 hours. Here are the updates:

  1. At 3/7/17, around 1:00pm - Hackers took control of Danielle's accounts.
  2. UPDATE 3/7/17 5:43pm - A backup account is trying very hard to troll people into thinking that account is the official backup of @BhadBhabie. The account posted "screenshots" of a conversation with Dani's mother on Instagram saying that the account was the official backup until she got @BhadBhabie back. Many people are saying it's fake because the account live streamed and the person did not talk or show their face. Sounds like a fake to me.
  3. UPDATE 3/7/17 10:30pm - I have stumbled across an account claiming to be Dani's backup. The only part that makes me think it's really her, is that the account is verified. Why am I doubting, its verified you may ask? Simple answer... There are people that hack verified accounts and change all the information about it. They could make it look like anyones account. @Trevontae does that and he follows the "backup" account.
  4. UPDATE 3/8/17 12:45am - Danielle got her Twitter @TheBhadBhabie back!
  5. UPDATE 3/8/17 1:09am - Dani's "best friend" @fymrico posts the following to his Instagram story... click here to view.
  6. UPDATE  3/8/17 8:30am - @fymrico posts this video to his Instagram (see below)
  7. Update 3/8/17 9:26am - @Stitches releases a video (see below)
  8. UPDATE 3/817 12:50pm - Glassface confirms the hacking of BhadBhabie. See video

Below are a list of gathered usernames claiming to be the backup of Danielle. Also listed are a few accounts that could be the "hackers"

  1. Potentially real backup (Don't trust unless solid proof is shown)
  2. Fake Backup, don't trust unless solid proof is given:
  3. Potential Hacker #1:
  4. Potential Hacker #2:
  5. Potential Hacker #3:

As we know now, after about 24 hours, the "hacker" revealed himself as "Glassface". Who is Glassface? He's not a hacker, but is a visual artist + Designer and he directed the music video for Mook Boy's new song "Juvy", which stars Danielle Bregoli.

People are a bit angry that she wasn't really hacked and others are disappointed because they were hoping that her nudes would get leaked. Some were hoping it was real because maybe something like this would knock some sense into her. The current generation, meaning people born in the 2000s, might look up to this young lady and follow in her footsteps and no one would want that.