Following is from a GoFundMe page create by Jerome Jarre on March 17th, 2017

HELLO EVERYONE !!! This is Chaka, Casey, Juanpa, Ben, Amanda, this is everybody that is making this movement !!

This movement started with a crazy idea, what if we could convince Turkish Airlines to let us use one of their flights to Somalia? And fill it with food!
One shipment - providing immediate relief for immediate need.

Everyone of us posted a 2 minute video asking our audience for their help.

After a couple of hours, Turkish Airlines approached us with a positive answer !!

Not only they are making available a full cargo flight that can fly 60 TONS OF FOOD, but they agreed to let us ship food containers on their commercial aircraft to Somalia, UNTIL THE END OF THE FAMINE !!!

One airplane at a time - one shipment at a time !!!

We are learning how to help NOW, starting with one point of impact.

Right now, we've proved how much our power doesn't mean much individually, but has the potential to move mountains (AIRPLANES!!!) when we UNITE !

That's why we've decided to raise money all together.

Our cargo of 60  Tones will fly to Somalia on Monday the 27th of March 2017!!

Which means we have 11 days to find 60 tons of food!!

FYI, this is what 10 tons of rice look like:

We've decided to team up with the NGO on the ground American refugee committee

ARC is in Somalia right now and has been able to send us pictures of their food distributions.

They are an NGO we trust and we know they will be doing what's right with every food we will give them.


This is the food we want to give:
- Rice
- Vegetable cooking oil
- Nutritional biscuits
- Flour
- Sugar
- Porridge

For the first flight, we will buy the food in Istanbul, as a thank you to our Turkish friends that supports the movement!

Later on, we are hoping to learn how to buy food directly from local businesses in Somalia. We want to support the Somalian economy.

For water, we've learned from multiple NGOs on the ground, that the most sustainable thing to do is get water trucks to be delivered. 

Each water truck is about $250 and about 2000 liters
Those 2000 litters will support approximately 100 families of 6 people.

To all our donors: Ben Stiller is generously letting us use his charity STILLER FOUNDATION in order to receive and manage the funds. This means YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE THIS DONATION OFF YOUR TAXES if you wishes.
To get that tax receipt please email after your donation.
We hope this will help you to help the people !

What we want to do together with you,
Isn't like anything done in the past.
We are promising you, the makers of this movement, full transparency,
Funds will be handled by the Stiller Foundation, and you will know where every dollar went, 
You will know all the successes of our mission.
And all the struggles.

We are not sure how much you will all be able to contribute, or how many difficulties are gonna rise as we execute our mission.
But we know our hearts united together are unstoppable, 
And if we keep using our hearts, we will keep making the right moves
And this movement, will achieve its goal.

Help spread the word!