Send This Bot A Book’s ISBN And It Will Look It Up


If you follow me, you know that I like bots and AI. I’ve used bots, I’ve built them. Heck. I’m probably 50% bot by now.

In my previous article, I wrote about Proxima’s Iris platform. If you didn’t read it, I suggest you do so now. Basically, Iris is a platform where you can design very intricate conversational experiences for Twitter or Facebook Messenger. I built @LIVEScheduleBot using Iris and people seem to really find it helpful. Lots of other big names such as MTV, Jack in the Box, and Reebok have used the capabilities of Iris to have amazing experiences of their own housed on their social media pages.

I presume you’ve heard of photo recognition. Sometimes also called image recognition? If not, it’s basically the process of identifying and detecting something within a photo. That’s where A Novel Bot comes into play. It’s the first Twitter DM bot that uses photo recognition.

A Novel Bot is a bot built by the two co-founders of Proxima. You send it a photo of a book’s ISBN code and it’ll look it up for you. Also with the bot is a Welcome Message, some Quick Replies and Buttons to make it extremely user-friendly and easy to use. This makes it a chatbot right?

Basically how it works is it uses feature detection to find the edges of the barcode. It then scans it to extract the ISBN. Once successful, the bot sends it to Goodreads where it gets searched through the database. Once Goodreads find the book, it sends it back with the title, author, and reviews! This whole process only take just a few seconds. See a quick demo video here or view try it out yourself!

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