How Has Patrón’s Bot-tender Chatbot Changed The Company?


Patrón has been crafting the highest-quality spirits in the world and has just crafted something a little bit different. “Bot-tender,” which is a spinoff of “Bartender” is what they call it. It’s a chatbot that will find you a drink recipe based on preferences that you put into the bot. If you’d like to try it out, you can find the bot on Twitter and Facebook as well as Patrón Tequila’s website.

Not many brands or businesses have chatbots, so when I came across Patrón’s Bot-tender, I was instantly intrigued. Since I write articles primarily about Chatbots and A.I, I decided to investigate the Bot-tender more.

I asked Patrón’s VP, Head of Marketing, Adrian Parker a few questions regarding the Bot-tender but unfortunately, I got him at the wrong time as he was traveling. He thought that I should get the answers right from the source. Thus, he introduced me to Whitney Terrell, Social Media Manager to The Patrón Spirits Company.

Sam: How has engagement changed since Patrón implemented a chatbot into its social media pages?

Whitney: Since implementing the Patrón Bot-Tender we have been able to personalize and communicate with fans through artificial intelligence enabling Patrón to have more one-to-one conversations around cocktail recommendations. To date, there have been over 120K+ total message exchanges and thousands of recipes served up based on consumers’ preferences.

Sam: How much has Patrón’s incoming Twitter Direct Messages increased?

Whitney: On average, DMs have increased by more than 40x per week.

Sam: What were you and/or the Patrón team hoping would be the outcome once the chatbot was active and users were engaging with it?

Whitney: For summer specifically, our hope was that users would share their preferences with the Patrón Bot-tender, paired with a summer occasion and leave with a new Patrón Tequila recipe to try. By having these one-to-one conversations, we’re also able to gain insights on popular flavors/taste profiles that will help our real-life bartenders create even more exciting new recipes.

Sam: Where did the idea of implementing a chatbot come from? Was it a suggestion? Was it an idea of yours? Did you just want to take advantage of the technology that we have today?

Whitney: The Patrón Bot-Tender is an extension of our Cocktail Lab site experience. The goal has always been to serve as a world-class resource for our fans to find the perfect recipe based on their preferences. The Bot-tender is another resource for fans to receive that information and we’re excited about the engagement we’ve received so far.

Sam: Who did Patrón work with to get the chatbot up and functioning?

Whitney: The Patrón Bot-Tender came to life working with our social agency of record, Golin and Reply.AI

Sam: Overall, do you think that implementing the chatbot was worth it?

Whitney: Absolutely! With rising engagement with the Patrón Bot-tender week over week, we are already thinking of ways to make it smarter.

Sam: Was It Worth It?

Whitney: Absolutely!

How Has It Changed The Company?

Patrón’s Bot-tender has made it easy for customers to have one-to-one conversations around cocktail recommendations, increased DMs by more than 40x per week, and gained insights to popular flavors and taste profiles. Not only does the chatbot benefit customers, but it also helps real life humans too. As the bot gains those insights, it helps human bartenders create new recipes.