Top 10 Features Within iOS 11

Apple’s Keynote event at Worldwide Developer’s Conference (#WWDC) took up more than two hours. Lot's of news about Apple and it's OS's, hardware, etc. iOS took up a big chunk of that two hour time period. Apple spoke primarily about it's biggest improvements and features that we will be seeing with iOS 11.

Here is my list of the TOP new features in iOS 11

10. QR Code Support

I personally don't really use QR codes much as I find them bit of a burden. Before iOS 11, you'd have to download a 3rd party QR Code scanner, and honestly, who wanted to do that. With the camera app in iOS 11, just point the camera at a QR Code, and it'll read it!

9. Type to Siri

Previously, you could only interact with Siri vocally. Apple decided to change that and add a feature that let's you type messages to Siri. This is one of the most requested features for any digital assistant. Take Google Assistant for example. It's easy to communicate with it vocally, or with the tips of your fingers.

8. One-handed Keyboards

This is especially helpful for those with larger devices such as the iPhone 7+. Unless you have Shaq hands, chances are you've struggled at least once with one handed texting. 

7. Screenshot Editing

Apple is making it much easier to mark up the things you screenshot on your iOS 11 devices. Instead of dipping back into the camera roll after you take a screenshot, you’ll be able to quickly re-crop and markup the image right away

6. Control Panel

Apple completely redesigned how the Control Panel looks and how it operates. If you don't see an option that you want, chances are you can add it via the settings. 3D touch enables even more options.

5. Redesigned App Store

The App Store got a whole new look! Everything changed from the icon, to the placement of app information.

4. Storage Settings

Apple has added an option to Settings labeled "iPhone Storage". When clicked, a storage bar that's similar to that on iTunes will show up. Below will be your app sizes, etc.

3. Maps

Apple updated it's Maps application and has appeared to have added some additional features such as location info, and a cool virtual "tour" called a Flyover Tour.

2. Screen Recording + Control Center

Screen recording has been a feature requested my many people and it's finally here! You can access screen recording the easy way by adding the button to Control Panel. 

1. Files

The new Files app brings together files and documents stored across various apps like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

There are many more features on iOS 11. Improved password management, FaceTime Live Photos & more! Even features that we have yet to find out about ;)