Install The iOS 11 Developer Beta To Your Device

iOS 11 has been revealed and as we can see, there are many new features. Apple is releasing the beta to developers June 5 (today) so that software engineers can get a head start on making & fixing software.


How to make an archived backup of your iPhone or iPad

Before you begin, it's advised that you back up your iPhone or iPad. Better to be safe than sorry.


Steps to backup your device:

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer.

  2. Launch iTunes.

  3. Click on your device icon in the menu bar.

  4. Make sure backup is set to This Computer and enable Encrypt iPhone Backup.

  5. Click on Back Up Now.

  6. Back up Apps, if asked.

  7. Open Preferences

  8. Click on the Devices tab.

  9. Option-click on your Backup and choose Archive.

Before you continue, make sure you have a developer account with Apple. Without this, you will not be able to install the developer beta until Apple releases the public beta.

The next steps are pretty easy! Plus, you don't even need a computer.

  1. Go to on your device.

  2. Log in with your developer account's credentials.

  3. Click on the "Downloads" tab.

  4. Go to the iOS 11 beta section and tap the down arrow to expand downloads. You can also view other beta's as well.

  5. Click Download next to Configuration Profile.

  6. If you have multiple devices linked to your dev account, it will ask which device you'd like to use, select iPhone.

  7. Tap Install when the profile appears. You may need to enter your Passcode.

  8. Agree to the Consent form and press Install once in the upper right corner, and once at the bottom of the screen.

  9. Press Restart to apply the changes to your iPhone.


Install the iOS 11 beta:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

  2. Once the update appears, tap on Download and Install.

  3. If you have a passcode, enter it.

  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  5. Agree again to confirm.

Your device will reboot and install iOS 11. There will be a progress bar or two across the screen. Be patient and let everything finish up. Once installed, just complete the standard setup. 

That's it! You have the developer version of iOS 11 on your device.